R-Drive Image OEM Kit 6.0 Build 6004 Multilingual Full Pacth | 128.08 MB

    R-Drive Image OEM kit allows system integrators, consultants, and computer assemblers to create special system recovery disks/devices and include them with their fully assembled computer systems. The license for R-Drive Image OEM kit allows its licensee to distribute unlimited number of those system recovery devices with its computers provided that a an unregistered copy of R-Drive Image OEM is pre-installed on each distributed computer and the R-Drive Image software icon is placed on the end-user desktop.

    The end user of such computer systems can use those system recovery disks to restore the system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc., to a state the computer system or hardware was initially set up (a fresh setup). R-Drive Image OEM kit is intended only to restore the original system disk configuration as part of a service or maintenance procedure. Use of this kit to install software on any other computer or system is strictly prohibited.

    R-Drive Image OEM kit consists of three components:

    R-Drive Image System Recovery Media Creator (R-Drive Image SRMC)
    It can create a special R-Drive Image System Recovery OEM media device, that is, startup disk(s) that may be used to restore a computer system after a complete failure when it requires a complete fresh setup (system recovery disks). It may be a CD/DVD/USB disk, ZIP drive or any other removable media device.

    R-Drive Image System Recovery OEM
    Actually, R-Drive Image System Recovery OEM is a startup device containing a special R-Drive Image startup version with a master disk image. This R-Drive Image startup version restores data from a master image only to a hard drive or logical disk of a target system.

    R-Drive Image OEM
    This is a R-Drive Image version similar in its functionality to a conventional R-Drive Image.

    R-Drive Image SRMC Features:
    The master image can be placed on the startup disk(s) or on a separate device.
    Flexible data restoring: R-Drive Image may automatically find the disk to restore data to, or the user can manually select places for data recovery.

    Creating OEM System Recovery Media consists of two steps:
    1. Creating the master image of the system
    2. Creating the startup media

    When the user will start the system up with such disk(s), R-Drive Image will either restore the system automatically, or ask the user to specify the source and target for system requirement, depending on the options specified during the disk creation.

    The Disk Actions chapter explains disk actions such as:
    Create an Image of a partition, logical disk, or entire hard drive
    Restore Data from an Image
    Copy Disk to Disk to make an exact copy of one disk on another
    Connect an Image as a Virtual Logical Disk (read-only)
    Disconnect Virtual Logical Disks
    Check an Image File to check an existing image file

    The Startup Version chapter explains how to perform disk actions using the R-Drive Image Startup Version such as:
    Create Startup Disk
    Restoring Data to a System or Other Locked Disk
    Create an Image Using the Startup Disks
    Disk to Disk Copy Using the Startup Disks

    The Scheduled Actions, Command Line Operations, and Scripting chapter explains how to start disk actions automatically at scheduled times/events and create scripts that can be performed from a command line.
    Scheduler and Unattended Actions
    Scripting and Command Line Operations
    Backup sets

    What's new in version 6.0 Build 6004:

    Improvements - Startup version:
    - Linux kernel 3.18.2
    - Support for SATA BIOS RAID based on the NVIDIA MCP55 chipset.

    - R-Drive Image might incorrectly show GPT partitions for dynamic disks over GPT. Fixed.
    - R-Drive Image could incorrectly show partition sizes for disks with 512 B logical sectors connected as 4KB disks. Fixed. Such situation could happen for some 4KB disks connected over USB.
    - R-Drive Image could not select partition type when an MBR partition was restored to a disk without any partition layout. It could be restored only as logical. Fixed.

    Pearl Mountain Picture Collage Maker Pro DC 27.01.2015 Portable | 108 MB

    Pearl Mountain Soft Picture Collage Maker Pro, a simple-to-use Windows program that turns ordinary photos and pictures into stunning keepsakes to share with family and friends. With just a few clicks, you can create collages, scrapbooks, posters, invitations, calendars, and greeting cards. Unlike photography software that takes days to master, Picture Collage Maker lets both seasoned collagers and new hobbyists become productive in minutes. Whether you're a mom who wants to create photo collages to share with the family, a business person who wants to create professional calendars that customers will use every day, or a student who wants a way to present homework that will impress your teachers, Picture Collage Maker lets you transform your special pictures into precious memories.

    Key features
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Create Collages
    • Photo Collage Wizard
    • Real-Time Editing
    • Support JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF, TGA, PNG etc
    • Use either preset templates or create your own page layouts
    • Frames and Boarders - Included
    • Backgrounds - Included
    • Clip Art - Included
    • Photo Masks - Included
    • Layers
    • On Screen Text Entry
    • Editable Text
    • Move,Rotate, Resize, Flip Images
    • Photo Cropping
    • Move Frames
    • Delete Frames
    • Stretch Frame to Fit Page
    • Page Orientation - Landscape
    • Page Orientation - Portrait
    • Filters and Photo Effects
    • Light & Color Management
    • Multiple Undos
    • Send Photo via Email
    • Print images
    • Save Collage as Single Picture
    • Set as Wallpaper

    Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


    Ashampoo UnInstaller 5.04 DC 27.01.2015 Multilingual Full Dll | 25.3 MB

    Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 is our premier solution to remove all traces of no longer needed applications, clean your system from residuals and maintain peak performance. Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 uses clever real-time technology to monitor system changes during program installations. This way, Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 can completely remove monitored installations including otherwise orphaned files and registry entries. For even better results, Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 comes with additional cleaning tools to remove redundant registry entries and clean your drives.

    New in Ashampoo UnInstaller 5?
    Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 is our most performant uninstaller ever. Our developers have discovered a new way to monitor your system during installations providing maximum accuracy at minimum system resources. In Ashampoo UnInstaller 5, performance is king.

    Installation Monitoring 2.0
    No more before-after-comparisons. Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 monitors file and system operations in real time with smart filtering technology, rendering CPU-intensive logging operations obsolete.

    Additional Cleaning and Maintenance Features
    Manage system fonts and restore points or remove invalid shortcuts and file duplicates. With Ashampoo UnInstaller 5, it is even possible to overwrite empty disk space to render deleted files unrecoverable and protect your privacy.

    Whats New:
    Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


    Active File Recovery Professional 14.0.2 Full Serial | 26.8 Mb

    Active@ File Recovery for Windows is an effective data recovery software tool. New version is powered by Active@ DiskScan technology to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost. Active@ File Recovery can recover files from all types of flash media that have been lost due to system or battery failure, format or deletion and corruption caused by hardware or software malfunction.

    Active@ File Recovery is a powerful software utility, designed to restore accidentally files and directories, that have been lost or deleted from your Windows system. Using Active@ File Recovery for Windows you will be able to recover lost or deleted files. The utility scans computer hard drives in minutes and displays all files which can be recovered. It allows you to recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin, as well as those deleted after avoiding the Recycle Bin (e.g. Shift-Delete) and allows you to recover data after formatting or loss of partitions. Active@ File Recovery will also undelete files that have been lost by damage, virus or directory destruction.

    Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS+EFS file systems
    • Designed for Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / XP Professional x64/ XP Home x64 / 2003 Server x64 / Vista
    • Supports IDE / ATA / SCSI drives
    • Supports all types of Flash Memory Cards
    • Supports advanced search of deleted files
    • Supports localized and long filenames
    • Supports compressed, encrypted and fragmented files on NTFS

    Recovers files from deleted, damaged, formatted or reformatted partitions
    • Extended scan detects deleted primary partitions and logical drives
    • Scans partitions damaged by virus or with damaged MBR
    • Recovered files and folders can be saved on any local or network drives

    Supports Disk Images Reservation
    • Creates Disk Image for logical and physical drives
    • Opens Disk Image and recovers files from it as from regular drive
    • Disk Image is created in raw format that is compatible with other utilities

    Supports Hardware RAID Arrays and Software RAID Volumes
    • Virtually rebuilds damaged RAID 0 - RAID 5 Arrays and recovers lost data

    Very Compact Utility [chances for data overwriting during installation are minimal
    • Can be installed onto the floppy
    • Can be copied and run from floppy even without installation

    User Interface Features
    • Easy to use MS Explorer style user interface
    • Event log is displayed and can be saved
    • Supports Drag & Drop for single and multiple deleted files recovery
    • Complete interactive help file includes How to and Recovery Concepts sections

    Corporate License — for commercial use. With a Corporate License the company can use the program in a business, academic, or government environment.

    Whats New:
    Added more pre-defined signatures, increased speed & performance of recognizing files by their signatures
    Added option to skip next sectors while disk scanning, in case if bad sectors detected
    Improved recovery of just deleted files, based on NTFS $LogFile (Journal)
    Minor improvements in user interface and data recovery algorithms
    Included the latest Active@ Disk Editor 5, being able to browse disks and preview files


    FarStone TotalRecovery Server 10.5.2 Build 2 Full Keygen | 331.67 MB

    Total Backup Recovery is an All-in-one backup and disk imaging solution for business. Total Backup Recovery automatically backs up your entire machine, including system files, applications, favorites, business contracts, presentations, emails, documents, and everything.

    But what makes Total Backup Recovery different is that it not only backs up all data on a system, it also increase disk efficiencies by performing perfect defrag and removes junk files on images. It also utilizes the Rapid Restore technology that lets business quickly get workstations and servers up and running after disasters strike.

    Total Backup Recovery Key Features:
    - Preview contents in backup images with Windows file explorer
    - Cloud backup. Compatible with Sky Drive, DropBox, Google Drive, etc
    - Support BitLocker encrypted system
    - Repair tools for repairing boot issues
    - Complete, incremental, and differential backup
    - Support Windows Encryption File System (EFS)
    - Backup and retain your PC OEM factory recovery partition, including the hot-key feature unique!
    - Open file and database backup
    - Create bootable USB (CD) from current system (Dynamic PE generation) unique!
    - Automatically make 2nd backup copy to ftp server
    - AES 256 bit encryption, compression, and password
    - One-click system backup
    - Universal/dissimilar restore
    - Daily, weekly or monthly backup scheduler
    - True Rapid restore unique!
    - Perfect Defrag unique!
    - True Smart Disk Imaging unique!
    - Remote administration console
    - Email notifications
    - Script commands of scheduled backups
    - Partition management tools (Recovery Manager)
    - Cold disk imaging backup (Recovery Manager)
    - Recover files/folders from a failed system (Recovery Manager)
    - Convert to VMware or Hyper-v (P2V and V2P)
    - Bare-metal system restore
    - Supports SecureBoot, UEFI, GPT, Dynamic Disk and RAID Systems
    - Supports all sizes hard disks and SSDs (80GB to 6TB)
    - Supports FAT32, NTFS, EFS, and Windows REFS file system

    Rapid Restore
    Rapid Restore technology is exclusive to FarStone. When performing rapid restore, it will only restore those files have been changed since last backup. Thus Rapid Restore is the optimal solution capable of bringing a crashed system up and running in minutes. For instance, a typical Windows system normally has more than 100,000 files. Total Backup Recovery only restores the files that have been changed since the last backup date, thus only a fraction of the files need to be restored. This is why Total Backup Recovery solution can be 20 times faster than other competitors.

    Full, Incremental, and Differential Backup
    Total Backup Recovery backs up everything on the first backup (Full backup). It would then perform incremental or differential on all future backup. Incremental mode backs up only the changed data since your previous backup. Differential mode backs up all changed data since your last full backup. Ultimately, both incremental and differential modes would drastically reduce backup time.

    Cloud Backup
    Total Backup Recovery automatically recognizes your cloud storage services, such as SkyDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. You can then backup to your cloud storage directly. We recommend backing up all sensitive data with encryptions. FarStone Total Backup Recovery automatically encrypts all data in backup image as default, thus preventing un-authorized access to sensitive files.

    Backup Factory Recovery Partition
    Most modern computers come with their hot-key factory recovery unit. With peace of mind, FarStone Total Backup Recovery retains your hidden recovery partition & OEM recovery hot-key functions in our system backup on Asus, HP, Dell, and Acer machines. A feature that most of our competitors does not support.

    True Rapid Recovery
    1. Boot system into FarStone's "Recovery Manager" with the bootable CD or USB flash
    2. Select "Restore" from Recovery Manager, and follow the instructions to completely restore your system and recovery lost files.

    Preview Files in Backup Image with Windows Explorer
    Double-click a backup image to view its contents. You can browse through folders hierarchy to view, copy, or restore specific files and folders.

    True Smart Disk Imaging
    TotalRecovery Smart backup will exclude Windows redundant files, such as temp files, and defrag all files on the fly before writing to the backup image. The result is: 30GB-70GB disk space saved and all files in backup image are fully defragged.

    What's new in FarStone TotalRecovery Server 10.5.2:
    - Preview contents in backup images with Windows file explorer
    - Create bootable USB (CD) from current system (Dynamic PE generation)
    - Backup boot devices settings
    - Enhance backup to clouds, such as SkyDrive, Google drive, and Dropbox
    - New repair tools for repairing boot issues
    - Support Windows Encryption File System (EFS)
    - Support VHDx virtual machine
    - Export logs & jobs
    - Max performance with true 64-bit


    Internet Download Manager 6.21 Build 19 Full Crack | 9.77 MB

    Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

    - Change log:

    * Resolved compatibility issues with some applications
    * Fixed bugs

    - Homepage:


    Aurora 3D Presentation 2012 15.1.26 Multilingual Full Keygen | 78.12 MB

    Aurora 3D Presentation uses powerful and highly effective techniques to enable you develop impressive, professional, and compelling presentations in a variety of formats! With Aurora 3D Presentation, you’ll be able to create rich effective solutions that include and combine images, text, video, and data in such a way as to draw your audience’s attention. If you only need something quick and practical, then Aurora 3D Presentation’s templates and styles will provide you with all the resources you need.

    Key Features:
    - Easily create 3D interactive presentations with images, text, video, models and data.
    - You don’t need to be proficient with the basics of 3D design.
    - Choose a variety of ways to display your content.
    - No need to learn Flash, AE, Photoshop or other 3D Applications to design effective and stunning presentations.
    - Choose and pick many included design elements, such as backgrounds, themes, styles, shapes, effects and so on.
    - Real 3D space, real 3D object.
    - Export to standalone EXE, Mac App or video(only for windows) files, and import other 3D models or textures developed with any 3D design software.
    - Learn interesting 3D effects from any 3D software.
    - Save money using various 3D interactive designs.
    - If time is of the essence, then our software is your TOP choice. You’ll be just amazed by its efficiency and results!

    When your goal is to stimulate your prospective clients’ interest in your material, you certainly don’t use mere words to deliver your message! Instead, you want to make sure to use stylish and engaging graphics, charts, and images! Why struggle with a mixed bag of presentation applications when you could consolidate all of your presentation making proficiency and talent into Aurora 3D Presentations? So, what could you do with Aurora 3D Presentation? To start, how about an interactive menu that automatically launches slideshows, websites, or executable programs? Or a virtual wall of pictures and information arrayed in a rotating circle, or a flowing and elegant curving animated arc around the viewer?

    Liven up those uninteresting spreadsheets by importing CSV files into Aurora 3D Presentation in order to animate your tables and data, or create animated charts and graphs, even 3D models! Everything that you could ever ask for in a presentation product you’ll find in Aurora 3D Presentation! Import images, create albums, use 2D and 3D text for impact, and play around with special particle effects and backgrounds! The sky’s the limit to your creativity with Aurora 3D Presentation! No question about it, Aurora 3D Presentation is the best 3D interactive presentation software.

    What's new in Aurora 3D Presentation 2012:
    - Export Video
    - 3D Interactive Event
    - 3D Model
    - Image Wall
    - Navigation
    - Dynamic Background
    - 3D Shape
    - Text
    - 3D Animation Table
    - 3D Data Graph
    - Particle
    - Shapes Style
    - Text Style
    - Colors and Textures Setting


    RadioBOSS Advanced Multilanguage Full Loader | 26.4 MB

    Traditional professional radio programming applications are designed for traditional radio stations that can and expect to pay thousands of dollars for extremely sophisticated and complex software. But what if that's not you? If you need a simple, affordable, reliable solution to automating your broadcasting needs, RadioBOSS is the solution you've been looking for.

    Whether it's building and scheduling crossfaded programming for your terrestrial or Internet radio station, creating the right audio atmosphere in your restaurant or store, or broadcasting from live events, RadioBOSS has been the choice of thousands of broadcasters just like you for the past seven years.

    RadioBOSS makes it easy and fast to convert and manage audio assets, build playlists with advertising support, hourly blocks, rotations, crossfading, automatic leveling and other professional-level features and play your playlists to your local, terrestrial or Internet broadcasting system.

    - Produce professional, sophisticated audio programming for a fraction of the cost of other radio programming applications. Robust support for Internet broadcasters. - Built-in support for Internet streaming (Shoutcast v1, v2, Icecast, Windows Media Services), automatically sending metadata (upload to FTP, HTTP request, text or XML file) and using streamed Internet audio in playlists.
    - Work the way you want. RadioBOSS lets you grab, use and work with your preferred audio formats, Winamp and VST plugins, multichannel cards (4.0, 5.1, 7.1 etc), individualized RadioBOSS profiles.
    - Create sophisticated professional playlists with crossfade support, automatic volume leveling, timed announcements, block rotations, advertising volume enhancement and more.
    - RadioBOSS's seven years of continuous improvement and enhancement means you can trust RadioBOSS to play unattended for days, weeks and months.

    New Features:
    - AUX Players (can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3)
    - Third work zone added. It can host: AUX playlist, Web browser, Cart wall, File explorer and Search (View->Work Zones->3).
    - Email notifications on error, silence detector actions, and other events
    - Do not launch events when MIC is on (Settings->Inputs->Advanced)
    - Play intro file when broadcasting encoder connected
    - Podcast playback (check "Podcast" when adding a URL)
    - A setting added to change the font in secondary windows (Settings->View->Other windows font)
    - New settings added to change color scheme + two default color schemes (dark/silver)
    - Added ability to change the playback control buttons' style
    - Playlist columns show/hide (View->Playlist columns)
    - Ability to load/save Cart Wall to a file
    - Loop option in Cart wall
    - Now it's possible to make the playlist tab non-playable (right click a tab)
    - Custom title format for encoders, also possible to disable metadata for the encoder
    - OPUS broadcasting and playback

    Whats New :
    New features in RadioBOSS
    VU meter and spectrum display microphone level with the "Output to encoders only" option enabled
    Switching the "Output to encoders only" option for the microphone does not require restarting
    Bugs fixed in the Track List feature
    Improved Start Time calculation (made more accurate)
    "scheduler on" command now also turns off "Manual" scheduler mode
    Added ability to select multiple folders in the Music Library when importing tracks
    Fixed tag reading error for some files
    Fixed fade on stop bug (under certain circumstances the track stopped abruptly)
    Fixed bugs in the Stream Archive feature
    Fixed ReplayGain implementation
    Fixed: PFL device didn't work if the same device was selected for the Main output
    Lots of minor bugs fixed
    Fixed the "Resume playback" bug when the playlist was stopped
    Added %path variable for HTTP request to export full file name
    Improved mouse wheel scrolling
    Removed Windows "beep" when using hot keys
    Fixed: jingle hot keys interfered with the cart wall hot keys
    Overall software optimization and improvements



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